Read the following excerpt from The Hold:

​        My stomach growled, which prompted Ma  to get up and start fixing a plate of food.  I quickly got up, took a swallow of vodka behind her back, and attempted to take the plate from her.  She snatched it away.

"Girl, you're not that fresh smelling.  I'm not having you drop dirt crumbs in the food, so sit!"

​I just shook my head and laughed.  Then, BANG!  The kitchen door opened and there was Gia.  I thought, "Oh, hell.  Here we go."  I needed her extra room, so I couldn't slice her up like sushi.  Yet.
​     I sat down at the table and started eating.  After the first bite, I yelled, "Ma, this macaroni and cheese, with gravy, is so good I can die and go to hell, now!"
Before she could respond, Gia mumbled, "Why don't you do it, then?" 
I said, sharply, "What?  Speak up and say it, again, if you think you're bad!"
She bent down to my  eye level.  "I said-"
​"Don;'t you repeat that, Gia Nicole Jones!" Ma commanded.
I chuckled, while sucking the meat off of a chicken wing bone, staring at Gia the whole time.  
Real fast I said, "I'm going to be needing to stay at your place.  So, what time are we going home?"
She stood up, open mouthed.  
Ma to the rescue.  She put a plate of food on the table and sat down in front of it.  She put a forkful of candied sweet potatoes in her mouth, began chewing, then motioned for Gia to sit beside her.  
​She sat down and started, "Grammy,..."
Ma held her hand up and said, "Do this for me, this one time and I will never ask you to do it again. You are her only daughter and she is your only mother.  One more time, just one."
​Gia stared at her hands folded on the table.
​I quietly said, "Just this once, for like six months to a year, no longer. I'll make you fabulous after-work cocktails!"
The both of them stared at me.  "Okay, maybe that was too far.  Virgin ones, of course.  Damn!"
​Gia looked at the table.  "Six months to a year, no longer, Vida."
​She got up and opened the door.  Then, she turned around and said, "Be ready in ten minutes."
After the door closed, we high-fived each other.  
Ma said, "You know you can't mess up this time, because she means what she said."
​"Yes, ma'am."  
I thought, "I'm gonna' to need about five gallons of gin, to get through this."  
Ah, good times.


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Rosetta Clay-Hemingway

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