" The only difference between me and her is my addiction can get you sent to jail and hers can make you  big as one. Ol' ChubbyMcFatty!"

                       - Vida, from  The Hold

     I'm not new to the writing game, but 2013 saw me complete my first book, while teaching 3rd grade.  As a super book lover, I noticed not many main characters were female members of the plush and juicy variety.  Now, not everything I write is or will center around one kind of character.  However, I show a lot of love for that middle-class woman, like myself. (smile) 
     My first release, titled The Hold, is a mother-daughter tale.  It's told from both perspectives, focusing on mental illness, depression, dependency, and independence.  The mother, Vida, is an impulsive, flash of lightening.  The daughter, Gia, is opposite, existing, but not living.  They struggle with and for each other, while dealing with Vida's alcoholism and Gia's morbid obesity and clinical depression.  
      Serious topics delivered with  a relaxed conversational flow, infused with some "Rosetta Juice", is what I'm bringing to the literary world. Get into it!  

"Love and live your life! "


Rosetta Clay-Hemingway

The Hold & Jill and Jack are available on Kindle (kdp.amazon.com) and  Amazon.com as an e-book and paperback.  Get your copies today!

"I have to move on with living, while still in love, again.  Again.  Again."

                                          - Gia,                             from ​The Hold